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Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas

Tegmark’s approach is to think of consciousness as a state of matter, like a solid, a liquid or a gas. “I conjecture that consciousness can be understood as yet another state of matter. Just as there are many types of liquids, there are many types of consciousness,” he says.

He goes on to show how the particular properties of consciousness might arise from the physical laws that govern our universe. And he explains how these properties allow physicists to reason about the conditions under which consciousness arises and how we might exploit it to better understand why the world around us appears as it does.

Interestingly, the new approach to consciousness has come from outside the physics community, principally from neuroscientists such as Giulio Tononi at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

In 2008, Tononi proposed that a system demonstrating consciousness must have two specific traits. First, the system must be able to store and process large amounts of information. In other words consciousness is essentially a phenomenon of information.

And second, this information must be integrated in a unified whole so that it is impossible to divide into independent parts. That reflects the experience that each instance of consciousness is a unified whole that cannot be decomposed into separate components.

Both of these traits can be specified mathematically allowing physicists like Tegmark to reason about them for the first time. He begins by outlining the basic properties that a conscious system must have.

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When I was in India living close to Tibetan monks and lamas, I was often surprised at the apparently easy-going, laid-back way in which many of them seemed to live their practice. They often responded to my intensity and fervor with the expression kale kalepe TOnang (literally “please go slowly”). Essentially, what they were saying was take it easy, go slowly, and you get there. They seemed highly amused by the attitude I had towards my practice, as though they could not understand why I was so driven. They did not have the underlying emotional disposition in their psyches that said they were not good enough. This does not mean they did not practice and work hard. It meant that they let things be and did not have the neurotic intensity of striving many of us suffer from in the West.

Rob Preece.

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We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

-T.S. Elliot, “The Wasteland”

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Ken Wilber - Having No Head: A Nondual Pointing-Out Exercise

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Being of Society

I feel as if I am exactly where I need to be right now. Integrating psychology and science with certain mystical practices seems like the direction my life is meant to unfold. Even my practice seems to have taken a turn for a more integral perspective. No longer am I neglecting aspects that previously seemed less important compared to my formal sitting meditation. It’s been amazing how my life has shifted over these past few weeks and this leg of the journey has only begun.

But I still hear it…

There is a drum in my heart and it’s rhythm’s beats are silent. This beautiful simplicity has left a yearning for retreat. It’s bliss ever radiant and extra-ordinary. If I didn’t feel that being in the world and engaged in society was what was needed at this moment in time, then a cabin in the woods would make a lovely home. But the mind doesn’t stay in that fantasy too long, for I know this moment is the only thing waiting for me there. 
Hello & Goodbye

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The Ego is a transparent mental image: You, the physical person as a whole, look right through it. You do not see it. But you see with it.
Thomas Metzinger (Neurophilosopher)
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